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Vehicle Conversion

Vehicle Conversion

For utilities with unique needs for scheduled monitoring and maintenance, we can convert vehicles to perform radiometric PD surveys. Each conversion is custom-designed to the user's requirements.

Supported platforms are: medium-sized vans (e.g.: Mercedes Vito) and 4x4 vehicles. Our engineers are experienced in mounting our equipment and antenna arrays. Our custom software can be operated while the vehicle is in motion. We can provide extensive training in all aspects of vehicle operation within the substation environment, as well as survey technique and software operation.

Flexible installation The acquisition and recording systems can be fitted in any medium sized vehicle. Our skilled engineers can adapt the vehicle with non-intrusive fittings for all equipment and visual displays.
Efficient operation Our software is designed to be informative, yet easy to use. It can be operated via a touch-screen interface while the vehicle is in motion. This means that surveys can be carried out by a single operator - an entire substation can be thouroughly scanned in 2-4 hours, depending on size.
Training included We provide training in all aspects of substation surveying and software operation. You will benefit from our considerable experience of operating radiometric PD monitoring vehicles in the substation environment.