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Our Products and Solutions

Empowering utilities to monitor and maintain their key assets

We provide innovative condition monitoring products that help electricity transmission and distribution utilities perform condition-based maintenance on their assets.

All of our monitoring systems are non-contact and can be installed without taking any equipment out of operation. Their non-invasive nature brings not only safety benefits, but also minimises installation time and cost. Our systems can be categorised as either PD Detection or PD Location.

Our PD Detection systems monitor for the occurence of PD activity and are particularly suited to smaller substations.

Our PD Location systems will not only detect discharge activity, but additionally have the ability to accurately locate partial discharge throughout the entire substation. Using our state-of-the-art sensing technologies, our location systems have been proven to locate PD to sub-metre accuracy.

All our monitoring systems are designed to integrate with our state-of-the-art PD Web-based solutions. The substation-based systems transmit data over high speed wireless links to a central location (which can be based in your premises, or you can leave it to us), where the data is processed and displayed in a web portal. The web portal is accessible to you wherever you are, and can also be used to setup Email/SMS alerting for severe PD activity and automatically generate custom reports.

PD Detection

PD Detection

Elimpus PD detection systems provide you with a cost-effective means to protect your assets.

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PD Location

PD Location

Our PD location systems monitor substations 24/7, keeping you up to date on the condition of your HV plant.

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Condition Monitoring Web-based IT Solutions

PD Web-based solutions

Our condition monitoring systems are integrated with cutting-edge IT systems. These include a powerful web interface to keep you informed of the condition of monitored sites, allowing you to analyse data on fault conditions and locations.

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